Froudi has a history of 30 years as a family business. In these years, we are known to our visitors for the care and the Cycladic hospitality we generously offer. Froudi is the ideal accommodation for your holidays, as it is located at a high point granting you with exquisite view of the natural Bay of Kamares, and our guests prefer it many years now for our quiet rooms, the care we provide, and our customer experience.

Our accommodation maintains the traditional touch and the dominant white color of the Cyclades and consists of 10 rooms, decorated in a way that emphasizes austerity. The quiet and tranquility offered in our accommodation is combined by the unique view, as we are at a high point overlooking the bay of Kamares. You can enjoy the magnificent sunset from your balcony. Watch while the sun disappears on the horizon of the Aegean Sea and gives the sky red, yellow, and orange shades, which mix with the blue of the sea creating a unique natural palette of colors, while beams of light decorate the white houses of the area. A spectacular and seductive sight that will captivate you and you can enjoy it with your loved ones from the balcony of one of our rooms.

Our love for our family business is evident from the improvements we are constantly making. Recently, the bathrooms of our rooms have been renovated, and at the same time we have added reverse osmosis filters to our taps, to provide clear, drinking water, without the need for our guests to incur additional expenses by buying bottles of water. The main reason for this practice was the reduction of single-use plastics that are largely and widely used in water bottles, as in this way we contribute to the protection of the environment. In our accommodation there is a common space with the necessary means to make a coffee, or snack, either you wish to take it with you to the beach or to enjoy it on the balcony of your room. If you have a car or motorbike, there is a private parking area very close to our accommodation, where you can safely leave your vehicle for free.

We would also like to inform you that if needed, there is the possibility of upgrading our double rooms to triple rooms for a fee, if a relevant notice has been made.