Kamares Sifnos Cyclades Greece

In the center of the Aegean Sea, in the area of Western Cyclades, emerges the island of Sifnos which with its beauty fascinates every visitor. According to Greek mythology, and that is where the island owes its name, “Sifnos” was the name of the son of the Attic hero “Sounio”, whose name was given to the island, while in another version, it came from the epithet “Sifnos” which means empty and refers to the existence of many lodges that exist on the island, due to the great mining activity of the island. Some more names according to Plinius were “Akis” and Merope, who was the granddaughter of King Minos of Creta. The history is diffused throughout the island and travelers are able to discover it by walking through the paths and settlements of the island.

Welcome to Sifnos!

An island rich in folk tradition, due to pottery, in history, colors, picturesqueness and unique local flavors since the famous Greek chef Nikos Tselementes was from the island of Sifnos. The traditional villages with the predominant white color, and the Cycladic architecture to be evident everywhere create the ideal setting for perfect holidays.

We are located at the southwestern end of the island, in the settlement of Kamares, which owes its name to the many caves that exist in the area, and here is the port of Sifnos. Kamares is the largest seaside settlement of the island. A little to the right in Kamares lies our accommodation Froudi, which will definitely charm you with the magnificent view of the natural bay of Kamares.